SH-I/O 2×2 (Coming Soon)

The SH-I/O 2×2 is an external two-way wireless device featuring  two Inputs  and 2 Output Relays for  SHEPHERD™ control panels. Low and cutoff battery indication. 2 Inputs, each input can be configured in EOL/GPIO working mode. GPIO mode- each input can be configured to NO or NC. EOL mode-each input can monitor up to 3 resistors values, 2.2KΩ, 4.7KΩ, and 8.2KΩ. 2 Relays control. Wire terminals for easy installation. Bi-Color LED indication. Sending Alert/Restore events. Sending Open/Close Tamper events. Monitoring battery level. Indicates AC fail if module is connected to an external power supply unit.

Installation Instructions

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