SH-MAG2 / FW2-MAG Magnetic Contact

Two Way Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Contact

The magnetic contact is an advanced magnetic contact sensor with integrated RF transceiver designed to be a fully supervised low-current device. A built-in reed switch and/or an external wired input may be applied in this device. To maximize security, an 8.2K end-of-line resistor is monitored on the external wired input. The Magnetic contact uses smart message control, which verifies that all messages are successfully transmitted, so that no intrusion event will be uninformed to the system. Each magnetic contact has a unique factory set ID code (24bit) which by registration is set into memory of the paired SHEPHERD™ Transceiver, enabling more secured communication and devices to be remotely controlled from a specific transceiver.


Detection Method Internal reed switch or External magnet device
Data Protocol Freewave2™ Two Way Protocol
Modulation Type GFSK
Frequency Band 868-869MHz / 916-917MHz
Identification Unique ID serial number – 24 bit
Event Transmission Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Battery
External Input Up to 15m with 8.2Kohm EOL resistor
LED Indications Green/Red during pairing, Red for each transmission
Range in open space 500 m
Tamper Switch Front cover removal & Back tamper
Supervision 7 min by default (programmable between 1 to 30 min)
Current Consumption Standby: ~3µA, Receive: ~29mA, Transmit: ~38mA
Transmit power ~10dBm
Power Supply Lithium 3V battery type CR123 / Size 2/3AA
Battery Life Up to 5 years
Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions 97 mm x 22 mm x 21 mm
Weight (inc. battery) 40 gr

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Declaration of Conformity