SH-PIRCAM-IN Indoor PIR & Camera

Crow’s Indoor PIRCAM is a two-way wireless motion detector with built-in CMOS high quality color camera. It provides an ideal solution for video verification via pictures transmitted to a CMS or to your mobile phone via CrowPro™ Apps. Both users and CMS can verify alarms day and night by viewing real-time images captured by Crow’s PIRCAM for fast and accurate response to real alarm events. It can be configured Over-The-Air.


Detection Method Quad Pyro Element Sensor & CMOS HDR Camera
Optics Mirror Optics and Creep Zone
Communication Protocol Freewave2™ two-way ISM GFSK with 5 freq. & LBT
Operating Frequencies 868MHz or 916MHz
Identification Unique ID serial number – 24 bit
CAM Resolution VGA or QVGA
CMOS Sensitivity 16VLux/sec
Picture Mode & Resolution Configurable VGA / QVGA
Detection Range 12 m
Events Transmission Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Bat, Keep Alive
Supervision Time 7 min by default (configurable between 1 to 30 min)
Transmission Range 500m open space
Pet Immunity Up to 25 kg
Battery 2 x Lithium batteries 1.5V AA Energizer L91
Battery Life Up to 5 years
Current Consumption Receive mode ~26 mA Transmit mode ~52 mA
Tamper Switch Front Cover and Wall Removal
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions/Weight 112mm x 58mm x 45mm / 120 gr.
Compliance EN50131 Security Grade 2 Class II

Declaration of Conformity

Installation Instructions