TLC-360° PIR Detector

360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector

Easily installed on any ceiling our detectors deliver industry-leading performance sensitivity and long-term reliability to protect offices or large warehouses with high rejection of false alarms and excellent detection and coverage capability. The TLC-360 detector is designed with Four Element PIR. 4 Element Pyro Sensor. PIR Sensitivity Adjustment. 360° / Up to 14m diameter coverage (at 3.6m mount). Complete range adjustment. Temperature compensation. ASIC based technology. Fully sealed optical chamber. Extra-wide rear wiring channel. Bidirectional temperature. Pulse Count. Tamper Protection (opening).


Detection method Dual Element PIR
Alarm period 1.6 sec (± 0.5sec)
Led indicators Yellow LED is blinking during warm up period and self-testing
Red LED is ON during alarm
Warm up period 60 sec (± 5sec)
Alarm output N.C 28VDC 0.1 A with 10 Ohm series protection resistor
Tamper Switch N.C 28VDC 0.1A with 10 Ohm series protection resistor open when cover is removed
Operating voltage 9.6 to 16 VDC
Current draw Active: 10 mA (± 5%), Standby: 9 mA (± 5%)
RFI protection 30V/m 10 – 1000MHz
EMI protection 50,000V of electrical interference from lightning or power through
Installation height 3.6m up to 8m with optional HC Lens
Temperature compensation Yes
Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions 110 mm x 45 mm
Weight 123 gr

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity

Installation Instructions