SH-FLOOD Detector (Coming Soon)

Wireless Flood Detector

SH-FLOOD is a two way wireless Flood Detector designed to detect water leaks in kitchens, bathrooms warehouses or yachts. Installation is easy and provides an early warning of developing leaks.


Detection Method External golden contacts pins device
Communication Protocol Freewave2™ two-way ISM GFSK with 5 frequencies & LBT
Frequency Band 868MHz or 916MHz
Identification Unique ID serial number – 24 bit
Event Transmission Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Batt Supervision
LED Indications Red LED during alarm
Tamper Switch Front Cover Removal
Supervision Time 7 min by default (programmable between 1 to 30 min)
Communication Range 500m open space
Current Consumption Average: 7uA
Transmission Current 55mA
Battery 2x Lithium battery 1.5V AA Energizer L91
Battery Life Up to 15 years
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions / Weight 63mm x 23.3m x 63mm / 100 gr
Compliance CE

Declaration of Conformity

Installation Instructions