SH-DB Doorbell Device

Audio Security Burglar Preventing Device

Crow’s SH-DB is a smart fully wireless doorbell burglar preventing device with two way audio-DECT. Audio is routed over GSM from the device to the smartphone for audio verification. Smart recorded messages enable to trigger a discussion while the panel calls the user who is not at home or not willing or able to answer. When used with Crow’s cameras, day and night high definition images will be sent for video verification. SH-DB is designed to watch your doorstep anytime while keeping snapshot history. It operates outdoors without Wi-Fi or electricity with a 24-hour battery backup.


Power supply 6-36 VDC supply, 500Ma or, 8~24 VAC
Back Up 24h Lithium ion rechargeable battery
IP Rating IP65
Backup Battery Battery pack Rechargeable Li-On 3.7V/250mAh
Dimensions / Weight 112mm x 39mm x 22mm / 100gr
Compliance CE™

Declaration of Conformity

Installation Instructions