RUNNER™ Australia Series

Runner™ Australia Series are based on the hybrid panel concept of the proven Runner™ Series. Runner™ Australia Series panels feature Two Way communication, optional integrated GSM/GPRS backup module and TCP/IP support. Runner™ Australia Series are built for performance and accuracy, providing complete harmony between the user and the panel while integrating the latest technology into a easy to use, yet highly sophisticated security solution.


Control Panel Type Runner™ 4/8 & 8/16
RF Network Type FW2 Two Way Protocol
Frequency Bands (MHz) 868-869 MHz / 916-917 MHz
Operating Range 500 meters open space
Zones Number Up to 16 Wired or Wireless
Available Partitions 2
Installer and User Codes 1 installer code, 1 super user, 100 users
Control Devices Wired LCD Multi-languages keypads

Wired LED Keypads

Built-in keypad (Runner™ Compact)

Two-Way Wireless LCD keypad with user control capabilities

Two-Way Remote Control (Rolling Code)

Outputs Runner™ 4/8: 2 wired outputs on board
Runner™ 8/16: 4 wired outputs on board
Up to 8 wired outputs with Optional Output Relay board
Up to 8 wireless outputs with optional FW2-Transceiver
Arming Modes Total, Stay, Latchkey, Duress, Bypass
Languages English, French, Hebrew, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Greek and Turkish.
Special Functions Zones Bypass
Walk Test Mode and RSSI signal check
Events Memory (255 logs)
Chime zones
Capabilities Built-in PSTN Dialer/Modem
Optional TCP/IP module
Optional GSM/GPRS Back Up Systems
Data Transfer to Local Computer D-Link USB connection (direct)
TCP connection (internal network)
Report Channels Type 3
Report Destinations Private Phone, Monitoring Station
Report Format PSTN Voice Messages, PSTN direct CID or SIA
Report Type to Private Phones Require Optional Voice Board module
Voice Messages (pre-recorded messages)-Messages can be modified locally
DTMF Commands Capabilities
Ring Detection Yes, Programmable
Remote Programming Via PC software reachable by PSTN and TCP/IP

Technician’s Handbook

User’s Guide

Installation Instructions