R864M-1 RUNNER™ 8/64 Control Panel

8/64 zones Control Panel with Access Control Capabilities

Based on the familiar Runner platform, RUNNER™ 8/64 is simple to program from a keypad or our user friendly built in web browser upload/download. R864M-1 Main Board Expandable 8/16 inputs. 4 way output with on board ethernet port, dialler & clean contact relay. Supports up to: 64 inputs 32 outputs 32 partitions 32 keypads 32 time schedules 32 holidays 2000 users, 2000 events Simple 4 wire bus Supports up to 7 R864 EX-04 four output expander


Control Panel Type RUNNER™ 8/64
RF Network Type FW2 Two Way Protocol
Frequency Bands (MHz) 868-869 MHz / 916-917 MHz
Operating Range 500 meters open space
Zones Number Up to 64 wired or wireless zones
Available Partitions 32
Installer and User Codes 1 installer code, 1 super user, 2000 users
Control Devices Wired Full LCD Keypads

Wired ICON LED Keypads

Two-Way Remote Control (Rolling Code)

Proximity Readers Wigand Interface
Outputs Up to 32 wired outputs
(4 on main board R864M-1 and up to 28 with 7 expander boards R864EX-04)
Arming Modes Total, Stay ,Latchkey, Duress, Bypass, Time Zone
Languages English , French, Hebrew, German, Polish, Spanish
Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Greek, and Turkish
Special functions Zone Bypass
Walk Test mode and RSSI signal check
Events Memory 10000 + logs
Chime Zones
Voice messages
Web page upload/download
Mobile application
Communication Capabilities Built-in PSTN dialer
Built-in TCP/IP
Optional 3G/GPRS Backup Module (connection to Expansion Port of Main Board R864M-1)
Data Transfer to Local Computer Ethernet port connection direct or remote
Report Channels Type 3 – TCP/IP, GSM/GPRS, PSTN
Report Destinations 3 – Phone, Monitoring station, Mobile App.
Report Format PSTN voice messages, PSTN CID & SIA
GSM voice messages, SMS, GPRS
TCP/IP CID & SIA, Mobile App.
Report Type to Private Phones Require Optional Voice Board module
Voice Messages (pre-recorded messages)-Messages can be modified locally
DTMF Commands Capabilities
Ring Detection Yes, Programmable
Remote Programming Via PC web page

Declaration of Conformity

Programming Guide

Installation Instructions

Specification Overview