DECT ULE SMOKE Detector (Coming Soon)

The DECT ULE SMK is a Do-It-Yourself fully supervised low-current Smoke detector. It is part of the DECT ULE wireless line of devices embedding an advanced DECT ULE RF transceiver. The DECT ULE SMK buzzer can be remotely controlled via RF messages. It uses smart message control verifying all messages are successfully transmitted to the base station.


Modulation Type DECT Standard
Frequency Band All DECT Bands
Event Transmission Alarm, Tamper, Low Bat, Keep Alive (every 7 minutes – configurable)
Detection Method Photoelectric Smoke detector
Audible Warning Built-in horn beeps ones Test mode Or Alarm (85db at 3 m (10 feet)
Detection Sensitivity 2.3+1.2%/ft
Range 500 meters (Open Space)
Battery Battery pack of 2 Lithium 1.5V, Size: AA.
Battery life expectancy More than 10 years.
Current Consumption Standby: 5µA , Average: 15µA
Transmit power Tx Power at +22dBm, typical and Rx Sensitivity at -97dBm, typical
Tamper Switch Back Tamper
LED Indicators Red LED: ON during alarm, Green LED: Pair Status
Operating Temperature -10°C – +50°C (14°F– 122°F)
Dimensions 125 mm diameter X 40 mm deep
Weight (incl. battery) 150 gr
Compliance CE, FCC Part 15, IC, ETL & ULE

Declaration of Performance

Declaration of Conformity

Installation Instructions