CR-DU-HUM (Coming Soon)

DECT ULE Humidity, Temperature & Air Pressure Device

CR-DU-HUM is the ideal solution for monitoring humidity, temperature and air pressure conditions of your home, wine cellar and more. Collected data is displayed on the devices built-in LCD display and automatically pushed to the cloud which allows it to be streamed to web browsers and mobile devices and to set configure alert ranges.


Modulation Type DECT – ULE
Event Transmission Alarm, Tamper, Low Bat, Keep Alive (every 7 minutes – configurable)
Detection Method Humidity, Temperature & Air Pressure Sensor
Range 500m open space
Battery Lithium 3V, CR123A
Battery Life Up to 3 Years
Current Consumption Average: 30uA
LED Indicators Red LED: ON – Pairing/HW problem
Green LED: Pair Status OK
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Dimensions / Weight 95mm x 50mm x 34mm / 150 gr
Compliance CE, FCC Part 15, IC, ETL & ULE

Installation Instructions